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Feb. 8, 2010

Canada Pros Kick off Weekly Vodcast

Joseph Thornley, Terry Fallis and Dave Fleet of Canada-based PR firm Thornley Fallis today kicked off a weekly podcast series, Social Mediators.

The 11-minute first episode touches on personal branding, the boundaries between personal and work life online, TF's new online communications policy, and guidelines versus objectives in digital communications.

Fleet, asked if he has a personal brand:

"I do. I think it's up to other people to judge what it is."

Fallis on the private-work distinction:

"Whether we're at work or whether we're out there being an author, what we do in our private lives reflects upon the judgment that we exercise in our professional lives. Once a person joins an organization -- whether it's Dell Computer, Thornley Fallis or the Royal Bank of Canada -- people will judge that organization based upon their actions. So I don't see the distinction between the private and the corporate."

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