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April 20, 2010


PR consultant and O'Dwyer's columnist Fraser Seitel appeared on Glen Beck's FOX News Channel show April 16 and was asked by the host how the American people can be sold on smaller government.

Said Seitel: "Part of it is having a rallying cry, having a slogan -- something that people can grab onto. ...Clinton said, 'It's the economy, stupid.' No, not anymore. 'It's my money, stupid.'"

Seitel shows mock-ups of print ads and a video spot that point to food stamps, defense spending and infrastructure aid as key areas that can be cut in the federal budget.

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Veep (4/20):
I think Glen Beck turned a little pale when Mr. Seitel suggested cutting the defense budget.

Joe Honick, GMA International Ltd (4/21):
Another sound basic quality piece, Fraser. Do you think the Obama team might have considered some of this as they waded into the campaingn or at least after they won? Just asking.

Ron Levy (4/21):
Over 60% of the federal budget goes for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid--and over 30% of the budget is borrowed money--so it's necessary to come up with not slogans but deficit cuts.

As with families and companies, we can't keep having more outgo than income. Since political reality may be that major cutting of Social Security and Health is not gonna happen, it may be time for this NL's brainy accountants to do a piece on how a VAT--Value Added Tax--will affect PR.

The VAT answer seems likely to be more acceptable to the public because the hit to individual voters from a VAT is less visible than cuts in benefits for scores of millions of voters.

Scores of millions! So tell us, ye men of numbers, how VAT will work and what we can do now, if anything, to lessen the blow later.

Joe Honick, GMA International Ltd (4/21):
Fraser does not have a bigger fan than this writer, but simply appearing in such close proximity to Beck was discouraging.

If Beck is so bent on reducing government spending, he and his minions can start with Iraq/Afghanistan and the massive expenditures for which there are no returns, not one penny from those we have saved by spending thousands of lives and more than a trillion dollars and worse, with a disgusting array of non-compete contracts.

The careful selection of those interviewed could not possibly have elicited anything different, and who could blame them for what they said? The fact is there is no "liberal" media defending all this govenment spending.

What there is that is lacking are good old fashioned muckraking media to elicit how all that defense contractor and other politically oriented dough is flsowing out the door along with the recycling of men and women away from t heir families.

Veep (4/21):
Well said, Joe.

Mike Paul, the Reputation Doctor, MGP & Associates PR (4/22);
Thanks for filling in for me Fraser! I was unable to appear w Beck for this booking as I was in Detroit on business. Good job!

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