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May 4, 2010


In a TV news report for Fox 10 News, BP Texas director of community relations Ruth Rendon found a tough crowd at a community meeting as Louisiana residents demanded information about reimbursement for the oil spill creeping into area waters.

At one point, a man takes the microphone from her and urges Rendon to address claims information and save the "PR side of it" for later.

"How can you start a meeting when people want to know stuff and the first thing you say is 'No questions,'" asked one resident.

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Bill Huey, Strategic Communications, Atlanta (5/05):
I don't know what these people are so lathered up about. Brown shrimp season hasn't even started, and already they're saying they've lost their livelihoods and wanting to file claims. It's not even certain the spill will reach as far east as Mobile Bay, 200 miles from the rig site. That said, BP are a bunch of bunglers.

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