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Oct. 8, 2010



By Greg Hazley

Massive social media programs from brands like Coca-Cola and Doritos can mask the fact that SM marketing is about one-to-one connections between buyers and sellers, according to TechTarget founding editor and author Paul Gillin, who spoke to PRSA's Cleveland Chapter.

Gillin, former editor-in-chief of Computerworld, said B2B companies have more upside to get out of making those one-to-one connections than B2C companies, but B2Bs don't get the publicity because they don't have the massive scale.

"Their audeince is maybe defined in terms of hundreds or even a few dozen customers and that tends to run under the radar," he said.

Gallin talks about a key success story for B2B social media, along with prospects for location-based services and mobile marketing n B2B, as well in the four-minute clip from PRSA/Cleveland:

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Gimme a Break (10/08):
Nice. I'll tell everyone creative "sucks" then hock a loogie in the middle of the interview. Ever hear of editing?

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