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Dec. 23, 2010

WHAT IS PR? (In 60 seconds)


By Greg Hazley

U.K. agency 10 Yetis asked PR account director Rich Leigh to answer the question "what is PR?" in 60 seconds:

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Veep (12/23):
PR is reputation management, but it's also hard to define in 60 seconds!

Brian M (12/23):
My wife has not idea what I do because it changes week in and week out. I have a hard time explaining it to people, except when we're working on a large account with lots of ink. It's as mostly behind-the-scenes professional that is based in managing perceptions and building coaltions.

Mario - a real PR profession (12/27):
Come on, this was terrible, confusing, inarticulate, totally incoherent, and convoluted. There is absolutely no way anyone would have the faintest clue of what he was talking about, if he had not mentioned what the question was.  How about: PR is about influencing people's perception of a person, organization,service or product. Sure I had the advantage of thinking it through and writing it down, but a good PR person would not have rambled on for a minute and made no sense.

Aida Mayo, president, Award-Winning (LA, NY, SD and Bern, Switzerland). (1/19):
We had no trouble understanding him, because we work with high tech folks who talk faster than the speed of light. What he said is true about PR, image reputation connecting the turf between your company, services and products with the end users. If he slowed down, it would have been a 90 second definition instead of :54 seconds. The old saying, "Don't kill the messenger." After 20 years, some of our clients we have done PR and branding for in the media for the last decade define PR as to get their name out there, a resource for the industry and a go-to experts when the media need a quote, fact, or insight, whether it is an economic impact of an industry, to a national job report, to what the public or media thinks about a certain music, movies or entertainment events, or a high profile event. This only a minor part of public relations. It is very hard to define, because it is very different for nonprofits, corporations, high tech and individuals or celebs. They all have different needs, which all define what public relations can do. Well done, mate, the only thing we agree with in one of the reviews is you can't understand if you don't listen, the same goes for your clients, listen and they'll tell you what PR is, because they are paying you to do it... whethere it be media training, news conferences, media events, product launches, social media or competitive intelligence. Image, reputation and your company name and what a third party is saying about you or your service and products, good, bad or ugly. It I write anymore it is going to get ugly.


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