Alaska’s former Governor Sarah Palin is a political savvy person, who deserves all the respect in the world for her emergence on the nation’s stage. That said, why did Palin’s political action committee, SarahPAC, decide to release a video today that lauds the Tea Party crowd?

The video praises the funny hatters as the “future of politics.” God, help us all. The piece features speeches of Palin at various Tea Party jamborees. She claims to take inspiration from them for standing up and speaking out for “common-sense conservative principles.” And what planks are those, Sarah? Is it repealing the 14th Amendment to take away automatic citizenship rights to children born here of undocumented immigrants? How about a constitutional amendment banning abortion? Getting rid of the Education Dept. or Social Security?

Palin’s video also takes a slap at the D.C. establishment, calling Tea Partiers “real people rather than “politicos or inside the Beltway professionals.” That won't sit well with the so-called Republican “Young Guns” in D.C., who are chomping at the bit about taking over the House.

SarahPAC’s timing is off.

The tribute follows a budding backlash among GOPers against Tea Partiers for the deliverance of withcraft-dabbling and plain out scary Christine O’Donnell to helm the Republican ticket in the Delaware Senate race. Joe Biden’s old seat was once considered a neat snare for the Republicans.

That potential pick-up also gave them a long-shot at seizing control of the Senate. O'Donnell's win had chief GOP operative and billionaire-backed Karl Rove crying in his tea leaves.

[Rove's also not too chipper about ousted GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski's Palin's chief nemesis, spoiled-sport decision to launch a write-in campaign, giving the Dems a good shot at winning a seat the party had written off].

Fox News today reports that Democrat Chris Coons is thumping O’Donnell by 15 points. Only a third those polled by Fox believe O’Donnell is qualified for the seat. Nearly 60 percent say Coons is qualified. O’Donnell will have to summon all her Satanic sorcery to have any chance.

Palin is already a “lock” among Tea Party people. If the chief mamma grizzly has any shot of becoming president, she has to broaden her support from the nutty Tea Party. That’s why the release of SarahPAC’s video is a dumb PR move. It positions her as leader of the rabble.