The Boston chapter of the PR Society surveyed its 400 members about removing APR for national board service and found that 61% support removal strongly or just support it while 21% oppose removal and 9% strongly oppose renewal.

Strongly supporting removal were 33% of the respondents while 28% just supported removal.

“Not caring” or “neutral” on the issue were 10% of the respondents.

The survey is not binding on the board. Mark McClennan, who posted the results, said the board is “still evaluating its likely actions based on the survey.”

None of the 110 chapters has conducted a binding vote on the APR issue.

McClennan said he would like to hear from any other chapters that made “surveys” of what their members want.

Senior members said that if binding votes were taken by the chapters all Assembly delegates would be forced to vote for removal any references to APR in the bylaws.

More than 80% of members are non-APR and they would oust the APRs who have ruled the Society for more than 30 years, said the seniors.