Although 61% of PRSA/Boston chapter members say they want the APR rule dropped, board member and Assembly delegate Mark McClennan told the Society e-group that the board “has not yet decided what we will do with our delegates.”

Directors “need to have a board meeting and discuss it first,” he said in a posting Sept. 26.

McClennan (image via PRSA/Boston)
Art Stevens of the Committee for a Democratic PRSA posted the same day that he was flabbergasted by the refusal of McClennan and the board to accept the wishes of the majority of its members.

“Why is not a popular answer to a question not always the solution’?" asked Stevens. He added: "Can you simply ignore what members say and want? You state that ‘this is exactly the reason why the Assembly has the power to change the bylaws and not the membership-at-large.’ What happened to democracy?"

Sharpe Cites Cost of Direct Voting

Cindy Sharpe of Tampa Bay said the issue of direct voting raised “serious problems” and that there could be “high costs” in implementing such a program.

“This is exactly the reason why the Assembly has the power to change the bylaws and not the membership-at-large,” she said.

Society leaders and staff have failed to do research on e-mail voting which has been around more than a dozen years., for instance, which conducts secure e-votes for groups with 50 to more than a million members, provided an “instant quote” on its website of $4,130 for doing an e-vote for the PR Society’s 21,000 members.

Society candidates could campaign on issues like candidates do in regular elections, undergoing press questions. Candidate viewpoints could be posted on the Society website and members could post their views, thereby using 21st century technology.

Society elections currently are being conducted as though it were the 1950s.

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