Julie Henderson, a University of Wisconsin professor and PRSA Fellow, pleaded with the Society's national board in a PRSA e-group to address PR's battered image exemplified by TV shows like "The Spin Crowd."

"Please, national board, devote your time to something that will change my life as a member -- like addressing the horrible image of PR, such as the TV show, "The Spin Crowd."

The reality TV program, which airs on the E! network and is produced by socialite Kim Kardashian, follows the Hollywood PR shop of Jonathan Cheban, Command PR.

New York Post TV critic Linda Stasi reviewed the show with this summation: "'The Spin Crowd' is the latest in the line of reality shows about sexy, young things who work for monster/jerk bosses, but put up with the abuse because the biz is allegedly glamorous."

Cheban received pointed criticism after appeared to urge a staffer to get plastic surgery in the show's premiere episode, saying, "“You’re homely — no offense — but this is, like, Hollywood and you need to step it up.”

The Spin Crowd follows PR reality show predecessors like Lizzie Grubman's defunct "PoweR Girls" and Kelly Cutrone's "Kell on Earth," which airs on Bravo.