Democrats are closing the gap against Republicans, who recently talked about a blow-out in the mid-term election that is just a month away. That blowout is not going to happen.

The Washington Post-ABC News poll released today shows dramatic gains for the Democrats on the Congressional front. They trail by a 43 percent to 39 percent margin. That’s much better than the 53 percent to 40 percent advantage the Republicans enjoyed last month.
Democrats will continue their gains as voters begin to concentrate on the election.

For instance, Democratic Congressman Michael McMahon represents Staten Island and a sliver of Brooklyn, where I live. He won that traditionally GOP seat in the last election.

CQ Politics says the Congressional district "resembles a moderate Southern district in its political habits more than the roaring metropolis it’s a part of." McMahon riled many when he voted against President Obama’s healthcare program, saying it would burden hospitals in the district. Go figure. That anti-healthcare vote had some Democrats vowing to skip the election next month. There also was talk of a primary challenge to McMahon. That challenge fizzled.

McMahon though is looking a lot better these days. The turnaround happened after presumed Republican candidate Michael Allegretti was shellacked in the Sept. 14 primary by ultra-conservative and Tea Party-backed Michael Grimm. The former FBI agent is running as a mini-Rudy Giuliani with the blessing of Sarah Palin. That endorsement was gold for Grimm in the primary, but will be toxic in the general election.

Will Sarah chance a Big Apple campaign appearance with Grimm? No way. Grimm’s website plays down the former Alaskan Governor’s endorsement.

The last straw: Grimm’s clueless when it comes to media. After receiving the endorsement from Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post, Grimm called that rag "one of the country’s most respected newspapers." Get real, Mike. The Post certainly is entertaining, but respected?

A quote like that puts you in the nutball territory of Crazy Carl Paladino, the GOP candidate for Governor of the Empire State, and Delaware's Christine O’Donnell (I do love your “I am not a witch” campaign spot.)

With candidates like Grimm, Nancy Pelosi has a fighting chance to keep her gavel.