Michael McDougall, VP of Bausch & Lomb and a delegate to the PRSA Assembly has asked for a roll call vote on the APR amendment. The last roll call vote was in 2004 when delegates voted 181-83 to allow non-APRs in the Assembly for the first time since the mid-1970s.

The amendment being voted on Saturday would allow non-APRs on the board.

McDougall said Oct. 13 that a roll call vote would provide, "transparency to all members as to their delegates' position on the matter."

The wording of his request indicated he seeks an immediate printout which is possible with electronic voting devices being used. It took two months in 2004 for the tally of votes to be revealed.

McDougall and delegate Christopher Veronda of Eastman Kodak have asked the Universal Accreditation Board to enforce its Guidance on APR which forbids use of APR for any competitive purposes.

UAB Chair Anne Dubois responded that the bar against competition refers only to jobs or accounts and not to elective office.

The Society for the second straight year appears to be withholding IRS Form 990 from the delegates. It shows the pay/benefits of the top six staffers. Form 990 for 2008 showed COO Bill Murray received a $50,064 raise to $312,779 and also got $30,500 in retirement pay and non-taxable expense benefits of $16,587 (total: $359,866).