, a quirky non-profit environmental news organization, is looking for a PR firm via RFP posted to Craigslist.


We are not looking for your average PR firm, because we’re not your average media publication. We are regularly compared to the Daily Show and the Colbert Report, and given our forward-thinking approach of how the hell to fix this climate crisis, we are perfectly poised to expand our audience. Here are the types of things we are looking for in our agency:
• Personality, style and character that compliments ours. You can’t be afraid to take a non-traditional approach and think outside the standard norm of press releases and media mentions.

• A partner-in-crime who works with us to understand our needs but then takes a forward-thinking approach and helps us define what directions we should be moving in and what our outward positioning could be.

• Someone who likes a challenge. Working with us will be a unique experience and a challenge (a good one, we promise)—we need the world to understand who we are and why we are so special. We also need other media publications, companies and potential funders to know why they should care about every word we write (ok maybe not every word, but every third word would be nice).

Read the full RFP here