How lame is Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and presumptive House Speaker John Boehner's excuse that they can't have dinner tomorrow with the President of the United States because they will be just too darn busy briefing newly elected Republicans in order to get a jumpstart on the new Congress?

Bipartisanship goes down the drain. The invitation was extended Nov. 4. McConnell and Boehner bailed out late yesterday. Not only is such short notice rude, the cancellation is downright insulting to the Office of the President. Who do McConnell and Boehner think they are? Do they really possess such incredible chutzpah to believe their time is more important than the leader of the free world?

Though Obama has been president of the U.S. for nearly two years, McConnell and crew are still hard at work attempting to “delegitimize” his presidency. Get over it.

Republicans constantly spew about “the American people,” a constituency that apparently only they represent. The same American people voted to give Obama a four-year term as their president. Postponing dinner with the leader of the American people because you have to chat with Tea Partiers is a slap at us all. The same American people believe there is still vital work to be done in the current “lame duck” sessions.

Those ducks will be quacking for another seven weeks. Americans want to finish the 111th Congress before jumping to the 112th.

While egomanics like McConnell and Boehner score points on the pettiness scale, Arizona Senator Jon Kyl threatens to blow up U.S relations with Russia over his new-found opposition to the nuclear treaty.

Kyl, lead Republican negotiator on the treaty, now says there is not enough time to approve the treaty in the current Congress. He's the guy who attended 18 Senate hearings on the treaty and was involved in 29 White House-related meetings, briefings, phone calls and letters.

The treaty restores mutual inspection of U.S./Russian launch facilities, which makes the world safer. Since the pact represents a major accomplishment for Obama, Kyl, of course, balks at signing. You can see Kyl’s nose grow by the second when he says there is just no time to resolve all final issues with the treaty.

You have seven weeks to get it done, Jon. Get to work.

(Image via Politico)