Three PR groups have set up The Chester Burger Scholarship for Excellence in PR in honor of 90-year-old PR pioneer Chet Burger.

Burger, who turned 90 on Jan. 10, was the first CBS TV reporter and later founded and ran New York PR firm Chester Burger & Co. for 24 years.

The Institute for PR, Arthur W. Page Society and PRSA Foundation contributed initial grants to set up the scholarship fund over the past two weeks after Burger was diagnosed with bladder cancer over the summer.

James Arnold, a former president of CB&C, is among those coordinating fund raising for the endeavor. Those interested in making a donation can contact Philip Bonaventura ([email protected]).

Burger, who retired in 1988, earned the U.S. Air Force’s highest civilian honor for two decades in counseling the military branch.

He also won PRSA’s Gold Anvil in 1988 and earlier took home the John W. Hill Award from PRSA/N.Y. in 1980. He moved to Ruder Finn from CBS in 1955, where he served as VP and assistant to the president in a five-year stint. After a two-year term as president of Communications Counselors, he set up his own shop.

Burger still enjoys correspondence with friends and former associates and can be reached at [email protected] and via mail at 33 W. 76th St., New York, NY 10023.