With all the news coming out of Egypt, the State Dept. can be forgiven for failing to give today’s hiring news much fanfare. [The latest word from Egypt is that Hosni the Horrible has released his goon squads on the foreign press.]

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is looking for a few good men and women to serve their country in Iraq. She is focusing on cops, both active and retired. Because President Obama has promised to withdraw U.S. military forces from Iraq by the end of the year, the State Dept. is going to be the new sheriff in Iraq.

Beginning Oct. 1, State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs assumes full responsibility for the development of Iraq’s Military of Interior’s police and border forces. It also is charged with building up the professionalism of the corrections and judicial areas. State’s Police Development Program is to partner with Iraq’s Government to develop management, leadership and technical skills needed to support the rule of law and maintain internal security. It has opportunities for “experienced U.S. police officers” to “contribute to this large, post-conflict police development mission.”

Before signing up, potential recruits should consult State’s last travel warning (Nov. 5) for Iraq. As the eighth anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq approaches next month, State considers no region of the country safe for American citizens.

There even have been attacks on Americans inside the security-intensive “Green Zone.” Any American foolish enough to travel beyond the Green Zone requires “special permission and a protective security detail at all times,” according to the travel warning. Within the Green Zone, U.S. personnel must travel in groups of two or more and carry working cell phones.

Despite the risk, my hunch is that many retired police officers will take up State’s offer. They will jump at the one-year stint that offers great adventure. In New York City, there are a lot of retired cops in their 40s who are biding their time doing hotel security, office work and chauffeuring corporate titans.

A tour of Iraq will get the juices flowing again. This blogger hopes his ex-NYC detective sister-in-law reads this post.

Bon Voyage.