Arthur Yann, VP-PR, in response to our blog yesterday that the PR Society for the first time had an organizational meeting of the board via a teleconference and did not inform members that this was the case, sent this website the reply below:

"I'll add this to your highly informative and relevant treatise on Miami toll roads to my 'must read' list."

This is a sarcastic response to an important issue facing the Society -- failure to be candid with the membership. Sarcasm has no place in PR.

A teleconference can in no way replace an in-person meeting where facial expressions and other means of communication are used. This is a new low for the Society's press relations function.

Toll roads, an anachronistic way of raising funds when there are far more efficient and fair ways of doing this, deserves a thorough airing. If our home state of Connecticut can do without toll roads for 23 years, it's proof enough that other states could do the same. The huge salaries being paid to executives of Transurban is a scandal that deserves far more publicity.

Sarcasm is not the answer.