AFL-CIO in New York is calling for a pop-up protest today (5 p.m) at Fox News headquarters to express solidarity with the protesters in Wisconsin who object to Governor Scott Walker’s bid to squash collective bargaining rights.

That Madison protest triggered the “disappearance" of 14 Democratic Senators who went underground to prevent a vote on the bill. A similar case of “where are the Dems” is playing out in Indiana.

Manny Herrmann, online mobilization coordinator of the AFL-CIO, says the “We Are One” rally in New York is the first of many actions slated to protect “good middle-class jobs across America” that are under attack by governors and state legislatures. He apologizes for the short notice. He urges those who can't make today's rally to show up next week.

The AFL-CIO can expect little support from Rupert Murdoch’s and Roger Ailes’ gang at Fox, whose coverage has been beating up the protesters. Currently, Fox is running a poll asking viewers, “Should Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Agree to a Compromise.”

A staggering 95 percent of Fox viewers stand behind the governor’s bid to bust the public sector unions in the Badger State. Sixty-five percent of Fox fans say “public sector employees need to give a little when everyone is hurting.” [Unions retort that giving up the right to bargain benefits and other provisions is much more than giving up “a little.”]

Twenty-eight percent of Fox viewers urge the GOP not to budge because if “Republicans compromise now, they are going to have the same fight again in two years.” Four percent of Foxers say Walker needs to compromise to “help the state avoid further debt” and one percent wants to end the protests to return teachers back to classrooms.

Murdoch, of course, is the legendary union-buster who made his mark on Fleet Street. The New York Times reported that Rupe and heir apparent son, James, lifted a glass last month to toast the 25th anniversary of the crushing of the newspaper unions. This blogger trusts there will be many placards at today's rally to toast Rupert.

Roger deserves some love, too.