It seems more than coincidental that the U.S. changed its position on a “no-fly zone” over Libya after reports circulated that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is calling it quits after Obama’s first term. Clinton reportedly has been upset with Obama’s failure to develop a policy to support the uprisings in the Arab world. The President’s waffling on the no-fly zone apparently was the last straw for Clinton. And what a shift! The United Nations will vote tonight on whether to okay air strikes against Col. Gaddafi forces.

The U.K. today praised the “significant change” in American policy. Britain and France led the move to protect the rebel forces desperately trying to oust Gaddafi.

France, which has been organizing Arab states to take action against Libya, has knocked Team Obama as missing in action. Its Foreign Minister Alain Juppe asked about the whereabouts of “American power” earlier this week. It was “French power” that enabled the ragtag forces of George Washington to force the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown in 1781.

A Clinton advisor told The Daily that the Secretary is fed up with a President “who can’t make up his mind.” She’s “not happy to deal with a President who can’t decide if today is Tuesday or Wednesday,” said the aide. Obama’s foreign policy was dismissed as “amateur.”

Libyan rebels are on the verge of defeat. Gaddafi’s son predicts military operations will be over by the weekend. U.N.-approved air strikes raise the ante from a no-fly zone to a no-drive zone.

Perhaps, Hillary should have made her departure intentions known a month ago. That would have forced Obama’s hand, giving Libya’s opposition the support they needed when there was a decent chance to oust Gaddafi.