Moore Consulting Group, Tallahassee, Fla., one of the fastest growing PR firms in the O'Dwyer's rankings 51-100 category, gaining 32% to $4.1 million in 2010, is delighted with the availability of the numerous new channels of communication created by the web.

“It’s not only that we can talk to numerous target audiences and specialty groups, but that members of the groups can talk to each other,” said Karen Moore, president and CEO.

Karen Moore, center, with Jim Hunt, VP for business development, and Shannon Colavecchio, senior director.
“A whole new world has been opened to patients with similar problems,” she said.

The Moore client list includes a number of healthcare clients and physicians who treat specific illnesses.

“The web is a wonderful way for them to share their experiences and help each other,” said Moore. “It also gives us the opportunity to join in the conversation and provide help wherever we can.”

Web-based groups are also resulting in more interaction between doctors and patients, she added. “Patient groups can be segmented very clearly,” she said.

A major client is the Florida Academy of Family Physicians. Other health-related clients include the American Lung Assn. of the Southeast, PhRMA, All Children’s Hospital, and Hospital Corp. of America (the last two added last year).

Links Jobs and Jobseekers

Another client benefiting from web interactivity provided is Workforce Florida which matches worker skills with available jobs.

A major 2010 client was the Governors Sunshine Census marketing outreach to four audiences—part-time residents, African-Americans, rural population and those on college campuses.

Another new 2010 client was Anheuser Busch.

Just signed this week was the Northwest Florida Beaches Airport International in Panama City.

Public and private organizations handled, many on a pro bono basis, include the Tallahassee Museum, Springtime Tallahassee, Healthy Baby Coalition, Southeastern Community Blood Center, Girl Scouts of America, the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the Tallahassee Sports Council, Convention and Visitors Bureau, Odyssey Science Center, and several city, county and state departments.

While excited over the ability to reach market segments better than ever, Moore says the firm strikes a balance between traditional and new media.

The clients who do best with social media are the ones who understand its special attributes and understand how it can work with traditional media, she said.

An important aspect of SM is that it allows monitoring of what is being said about a client, she noted. Monitoring is performed for all clients.

Directed PR/Marketing at FSU Unit

Before opening her own firm in 1992, Moore was the director of marketing and PR at the Florida State University Center for Professional Development and Public Service. She was also director of strategic planning and regional director for the Netherlands and Central Germany for the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Her career included teaching English and European history at Troy State University and City College of Chicago in Wiesbaden, Germany.

She serves on more than a dozen boards including the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Council of Economic Education, and the Florida State Hispanic CofC.

Moore has a B.A. in Russian History from the University of Central Florida. Teaching certification in curriculum and design was obtained from the graduate school of New Mexico State University. She is currently teaching seminars and courses in media relations at the FSU Center for Professional Development.

Numerous awards for her community service include the “National Assn. for Community Leadership’s Distinguished Leadership Award” and the “Leadership Tallahassee Pacesetter Leader Award.”

She recently received the “Stan Tait Award for Outstanding Service to the PR Profession” of the Florida PR Association.