After 42 years in print, the O’Dwyer's weekly newsletter is going completely electronic as of Monday, April 11.

Electronic is the quickest and best way to transmit news and information.

Subscribers will get their eight pages of news and opinion on Monday afternoon rather than Thursday, Friday or later via the U.S. mails.

This week’s PDF NL is accessible here.

Subscribers also got a printed edition this week, the last one in a series that started July 10, 1968.

Besides speed of delivery, e-mail distribution allows important links to other websites and databases to be embedded in the stories and editorials.

Color will be used for PR personnel appointments and pictures and graphics of many types.

Announcements of new clients of PR firms can include color logos of the clients and their products.

An expansion of the “New Accounts” section of the e-NL is possible since the NL can be expanded beyond eight pages if necessary.

News of new products of service firms will also be sought. These can be illustrated with links to further information.

Special Intro Offer: 5 Products for $295

The NL files are being “optimized” for almost instant downloading.

Subscribers agree to print out only one copy of the PDF and not to forward it. Further distribution of the PDF file can be tracked electronically.

As a special introductory offer new subscribers can obtain the five O’Dwyer products for $295.

Included are one-year subscriptions to the e-NL; one-year access to, which has ten years of archived stories, databases, opinions and tutorials; copy of the upcoming 2011 O’Dwyer’s Directory of PR Firms (1,700 firms), and a one year subscription to the O’Dwyer magazine which includes the O’Dwyer’s PR Buyer’s Guide to 1,000 PR products and services in 60 categories.

Click here for the order form.

Site Licenses Available

Site licenses are available so that an entire firm or corporate PR department has access to e-NL and the O’Dwyer website.

A site license for a firm with ten employees would cost $1,000 yearly.

$100 would be added for each additional employee. A firm or PR dept. with 25 employees would pay $2,500 yearly.

Site licenses are being handled by myself ([email protected]) and associate publisher John O’Dwyer at [email protected].