Interpublic CEO Michael Roth enjoyed a 60 percent surge in 2010 total compensation to $10.2M as the financial turnaround of the once-troubled ad/PR combine picked up steam.

IPG, which counts Weber Shandwick, GolinHarris and DeVries PR, among other units, recorded a 96 percent rise in 2010 net to $281M on an 8.7 percent revenue rise to $6.5B.

The bulk of Roth's financial gain stems from the rise in value of stock awards from $1.7M in 2009 to $3.3M last year. Non-equity incentive plan comp jumped from $1.5M to $3.4M. Roth's base salary remained at the $1.4M mark, according to IPG's proxy released today.

Frank Mergenthaler, executive VP and chief financial officer, registered a 63 percent jump in overall comp to $4M, while Philippe Krakowsky's package rose 60 percent to $3M.

IPG's compensation committee of the board gave Roth a "very good" rating for a strong 2010 operating performance, while Mergenthaler and Krakowsky got "exceptional" scores.

Krakowksy's "A+" grade comes from being a "key driver of a number of major integrated client engagements and other cross-agency business development opportunities, as well as much of our emerging media activity," according to the proxy. "He participated actively in the company's diversity and inclusion initiatives as an executive sponsor of employee resource groups and a member of the Corporate Diversity Council."

In appreciation, IPG awarded Krakowksy a $23,087 "supplemental" bonus.

Jill Considine, chairman of Butterfield Fulcrum Group Ltd, a provider of fund administration to hedge funds and alternative investments, chairs IPG's compensation and leadership talent committee.

She is joined by Reg Brack, ex-Time Inc. CEO; Jocelyn Carter-Miller, president of charter school TechEdVentures Inc.; William Kerr, former Meredith Corp. CEO, and John Greeniaus, president of G-Force and ex-Nabisco chief.