BevReview, which critiques soft drinks, has analyzed Shasta’s “Tiki Punch,” finding that with 200 calories (13.3 teaspoons of sugar) per 16-ounce “Big Value Can,” it “smells very sweet.”

BevReview said it’s a “Hawaiian Punch knockoff” but tastes better than that beverage.

Says the Review:
“There’s more bite and complex flavor. Yes, it’s a fruit punch-like combination but it’s also surprisingly tangy, with a notable pineapple kick. Unfortunately, that doesn’t last through the aftertaste, which isn’t bad, but does feel quite syrupy.”
Primary sweetener is high fructose corn syrup with a “small amount of sucralose.”

The reviewer said Shasta Tiki Punch is a “unique, tangy rendition of a traditional carbonated fruit punch” but it “may just be a tad too sweet for our tastes, however, so it probably would be best appreciated in smaller doses.”

Shasta beverages are made by the National Beverage Corp., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Listed on NASDAQ (FIZZ), the company has sales of about $600 million.

Gartorade, a product of PepsiCo, no longer contains any HFCS. The substance was removed several years ago because of taste considerations.

The new “G” series of Gatorade includes products that have 50 calories per eight-ounces and those that have 20 calories per eight-ounces.

“Regular” G products have the 50 calories (three teaspoons of sugar per eight-ounces) while the “low calorie” versions have 20 calories per eight ounces (a little over one teaspoon of sugar.

The Gatorade labels say the product is made by the Gatorade Co. of Chicago. There is no mention of PepsiCo.

Unhealthy effects of consuming too much sugar have received much publicity lately, including a cover story in the April 24 New York Times magazine.

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