The California Health & Longevity Institute is looking for a PR firm to generate positive coverage for its products and services in the corporate health and wellness arena, according to an RFP.

The program breaks down to executive physicals (70 percent) and group programs (30 percent).

The Institute is located at the Four Seasons Hotel Westland Village near Los Angeles. It was founded in November 2006 via a partnership forged between Dole Food Co. chairman David Murdock, WellPoint and geneticist Andrew Conrad to promote healthier living via a 360-degree approach integrating medical, nutrition, life balance and spa.

Western preventive care is fused with alternative Eastern medical techniques, according to the Institute’s website.

The Institute wants to increase the number of executive physicals to 1,500 a year. The Institute is eager to connect with a firm based in Southern California or a big firm with a strong office there.

Lifestyle/spa specialists need not apply. That category is handled in-house or through corporate channels of Four Seasons.

Deadline is May 10. Kameron Nesen at KNesen [at] CHLI [dot] com is fielding questions. He has not been reached by this website.