The Monitor Company tapped Larry Weber's Racepoint Group to handle communications in its effort to upgrade "Jordan's narrative in Washington" under a $77K-a-week contract with the Hashemite Kingdom.

The goal is to transform Jordan's Embassy from the traditional role as a "bricks and mortar" building where diplomats serve as "sole conduits for relations between sovereign governments" to a "high-performance" outpost positioned "strategically as a key node in a network of relationship involving state and non-state actors," according to the Cambridge-based Monitor's action plan.

The D.C. upgrade is to serve as a template for key Jordanian embassies in London, Brussels and Paris.

Weber heads the Racepoint team that includes Peter Prodromou, head of its global corporate, PA and reputation practices, and Anne Potts, senior VP.

Racepoint, which is headquartered in Waltham, Mass., is to "recommend the deployment of paid and unpaid media to generate mindshare for Jordan and support of its objectives."

The firm is to "identify members of Congress that make relevant decisions and describe the sphere of influence around each member and the levers to direct their attention to support Jordan."

Massachusetts Democratic Senator John Kerry, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, is named as a key target for Jordan.

Racepoint is to work with the Jordanian embassy's PR staff to "engage each point in the circle of influence around Senator Kerry, bringing third-party validation and a halo effect to achieve desired outcomes."