In a move to turn a campaign lemon into lemonade, “Obama for America” today released the official presidential birth certificate coffee mug, featuring the long-form certificate released by the president earlier this month that effectively crushed the candidacy of Donald Trump and sent conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi spinning.

The mug has a smiling picture of the president with a “Made in the USA” caption. Good stuff. The mug makes it look like the president had the last laugh at the "birther" crowd.

Released this week, Corsi’s book carries the unfortunate title of “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” We now know it is in the White House safe. The book claims the President is constitutionally ineligible for the Presidency because he wasn't born here. Corsi gamely dismissed the document released by Obama as the "purported" birth certificate and claims it is nothing more than an attempt to discredit the book. Corsi co-authored another "blockbuster" called "Unfit to Command," which torpedoed the Kerry campaign after it failed to quickly refute that tome. Team Obama isn't going to let that happen.

Julianna Smoot, OfA’s deputy campaign manager, dismissed Corsi’s work via an email pitch as a “greatest-hits reel of delusions.” She notes that Corsi’s 2008 classic, “The Obama Nation,” profiled the president as an anti-military, drug-dealing Muslim who supported terrorists when he was eight years old.

Smoot believes there is no way to make hard-core anti-Obama people to disappear so the best thing to do is laugh and make sure many other people are in on the joke.

Buying an Obama mug or wearing an official presidential birth certificate t-shirt ($25) are two means to that end.