The Egyptian Press & Information Office formally cut ties with Chlopak, Leonard Schechter & Associates at the end of February.

The Omnicom unit kicked off work for the government of Hosni Mubarak in April 2009, receiving a monthly fee of $45K.

The Washington, D.C.-based firm earned $202K in fees and expenses for the half-year ended April 30 for advancing the “level of communications, awareness and media/policymaker attention of Egypt,” according to its Justice Dept. filing.

CLS&A partner Peter Schechter and senior VP Tom Carver worked the Egyptian beat.

On the foreign client front, CLS&A continues work for Kenya. That includes “strategic planning, message development, research, media outreach, policymaker and influencer outreach, development of materials, organization of events and cultivation of third parties.”

Guided by Schechter, that effort resulted in $214K in fees/expenses during the latest reporting period.