To its credit, Delta Air Lines posted a blog in response to news that beginning next year Jews and people carrying Bibles will be not be able to fly on code share flights to Saudi Arabia after the Atlanta carrier’s partnership with Saudi Arabian Airlines goes into effect.

A small problem: Delta’s “blame it on Saudi Arabia" defense only makes matters worse. The post by Trebor Banstetter, a member of Delta’s media team, assures readers that Delta neither discriminates nor condones such action against anyone.

Delta must follow the visa requirements to enter any country, rules “dictated by that nation’s governments, not the airlines,” he wrote. Taking a condescending tone, Banstetter wrote: “You as passengers are responsible for obtaining the necessary travel documents, such as visas and certification of required vaccinations, and were’ responsible for making sure that you have the proper documentation before you board.”

On a personal note, Trebor is proud to be working at a place that "serves a diverse customer base with an extremely diverse workforce."

The June 23 posting has attracted 35 comments, of which the vast bulk are furious at Delta. Here is a sampling:

“So what you’re saying is: We are not bigots, but sometimes we to do business with countries where the law promotes bigotry.”

“Is it Delta’s position that if Saudi Arabia won’t let gays in, they you will ban gays? How about blacks?

“You say that Delta may not discriminate, but our partners do. As long as Delta chooses to partner with racist discriminatory airlines, I will not fly Delta.”

“If this is Delta’s final decision on the matter then my family will never fly Delta again and I will also begin contacting all companies and other related organizations associated with Delta to object to Delta’s acceptance of discrimination against Jewish Americans.”

“You don’t condone it yet you gladly do business with the devil. These words are contradictory and empty. There is no fact at all in this post. Of course, it is a travelers’ responsibility to obtain travel documents. This isn’t the point. This is a distraction from the argument?”

“I am not a Jew, and I don’t often carry a bible with me, but it is pretty offensive to me that you skirted around the issue this way.”

I’m wondering this decision by Delta to become Sharia compliant (at least with this aspect of their Sky Team Alliance) is a smart business move? Will Delta have a net gain of customers and profits by partnering with anti-Semitic tyrannical states like Saudi Arabia.

“What kind of reaction did you expect from the public when this information was released. It seems some of the higher ups at Delta took their PR courses at Modesto Jurnior College. This surpasses Coca-Cola’s huge blunder with New Coke. Egads, you people are stupid.”

Delta has a PR crisis on its hand.