The Interim Transitional National Council of Libya has hired Patton Boggs in its effort to gain U.S. recognition of the rebel group as the sovereign government of Libya and access to the billions in financial assets controlled by Col. Muammar Gaddafi.

Tommy Boggs leads the account and reports to Ali Aujali, Gaddafi’s former Washington ambassador who now fronts for the Benghazi-based Libya rebel organization in the U.S. He also will supervise PB lawyers and other professionals who may work on project.

PB has agreed to limit monthly fees to $50K and said it will not seek payment until the Council obtains the necessary funds to pay its lobbying bill.

In return, the Council agrees to “pay all accrued fees and expenses of PB immediately upon receiving legal title or authorization to any assets that give it sufficient ability to pay our fees in the U.S,” according to its engagement letter with PB.

The Libyan rebels hired the Harbour Group in April to work on a pro-bono basis.