The White House demonstrating its command of social media scene today by hosting the first-ever Twitter Town Hall at which President Obama fielded questions that were tweeted about the jobs and the economy.

There’s a nice range of tweets. The ACLU wants to know, "What is your administration going to do to stem the tide of discriminatory, anti-immigrant laws coming out of state legislatures?” While the Heritage Foundation countered, “You said your stimulus plan would keep unemployment below 8%. Do you agree that was a trillion dollars wasted?”

Crafty House Speaker John Boehner turned the tables on the president, retweeting a question from Obama ally, AFL-CIO, "Where are the jobs?”

Good stuff.

While the Commander-in-Tweet makes great strides in the social media world, a big question looms: Where’s Joe B?

This blogger was happy to hear Vice President Joe Biden pre-empt the President by officially entering TwitterWorld on July 4. One expected candid Joe would be great fun.

Remember that time Joe admitted that Hillary Clinton would have been a better running mate for Obama, whom he described as bright and clean good-looking guy. How about when Joe muttered that the healthcare reform law is “a pretty big f ------ deal” before an open microphone?

Joe has big-time Twitter potential.

Sadly, the vice president’s office staff is keeping Biden on a short leash. So far, there have been two tweets. The first thanked the troops for their service and the second announced a White House meeting tomorrow with Senate leader who believe America cannot “continue to kick can down the road.” Tame stuff.

Amy Dudley, deputy press secretary to the VP, blogged on Independence Day that staff was going to oversee the Twitter action. She promised to keep Biden’s 18K-plus followers in the loop on goings-on in the Office of the VP -- from the West Wing to the Eisenhower Executive Office Building to Jill Biden’s office to the Naval Observatory and on the road. I would trade that in for original tweets from No. 2. Unmuzzle Joe! Let Biden be Biden. Biden's fan club is getting restless.

What possibly could go wrong?