French/West/Vaughan is representing a juror from the high-profile Casey Anthony trial in Florida, as multiple reports say the married father of two is seeking paid opportunities to tell his story.

A letter from FWV president and CEO Rick French on behalf of "juror number 6" published by ABC Action News of Tampa says the juror is "... is willing to consider granting one or more media interviews so long as the opportunities are paid.He will not entertain any offers that don't include compensation."

The New York Times today reports that a network executive said the fee being demanded to talk to juror number 6 was $50,000.

French told ABC: "We put what this juror asked us to put out there. He did not set a price, no one set a price. Whether he wants to do anything or but [sic] is within his right."

The verdict in the Anthony trial, handed down on July 5, has sparked widespread discussion and much outrage after a jury acquitted the 25-year-old mother of murder charges against her two-year-old daughter.