Monitor Company Group, which officially terminated ties with Libya and Jordan on July 1, received $6.7M in fees/expenses from Col. Gaddafi’s government from October 2006 to January 2009, according to its just released Justice Dept. filing. On April 27, Jordan paid Monitor $871K in fees/expenses.

In its activities report, Monitor says it arranged personal meetings with Qaddafi for luminaries such as Richard Perle, President Reagan’s Assistant Secretary of Defense and noted neoconservative pundit, Francis Fukuyama, political scientist and author of “The End of History & The Last Man,” and Benjamin Barber, professor/political theorist/author/Bill Clinton advisor.

Perle discussed developments in the war in Iraq, possible U.S./Libya collaboration, strategies to combat terrorism and the need for Libya to boost its human rights record.
Fukuyama lectured at Gaddafi’s “Green Book Center” on the challenges of building a democracy in Libya, discussed the writings of John Locke, role of American power in the Middle East and dangers posed by the spread of radical Islam.

Barber served on a panel discussion organized by David Frost, met with Libya’s Constitutional Committee and talked about applying the philosophy of Gaddafi’s Green Book to modern Libya.

Monitor paid Perle $50K in fees and $11K in expenses for his first trip to Libya in `06. He received five $10K payments to cover additional visits. Barber received about $102K for his visits.  Frost’s production company got a payment of $91,429. Fukuyama received a payment of less than $350, though Monitor did provide him copies of Qaddafi’s Green Book for use in his political science course.

Monitor also relied on the services of Larry Weber’s Racepoint, which received $300K for PR services.

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