President Obama got it wrong last night. He said millions of Americans work all day, go home bone-tired and then turn on the news to watch the three-ring circus debate about how much money is needed to slash from government spending so Wall Street investors won’t have to fret about whether the U.S. is going to lose its Triple-A credit rating.

Geez, how Republican can the president get? Note to the president: Millions of Americans wish they had a job so they can go home bone-tired.

There was no mention of jobs during last night’s presidential talk about his contest with John Boehner over how much government spending to slice. Those lost future dollars would go a long way in putting America back to work.

Assuming that he has one, it’s hard to figure out the president’s strategy. Why does he play Compromiser-in-Chief to Republicans who are hell-bent on getting him out of office?

When it comes to fending off Republican threats to America’s middle-class, Obama doesn’t blink, it’s eyes closed shut. The Democrats were on a roll in the aftermath of Congressman Private Ryan’s plan to transform Medicare into a voucher system.

That momentum is gone as Obama plans to slash Medicare and Social Security in his “grand bargain” deficit reduction bid.

Obama’s advisors may think a bargain is needed to entice independent voters to pull it for Barry in 2012, but it’s a grand sell-out of Democrats seeking to re-take Congress or at least save their own political hides.

The cast of nobodies that is running for the Republican presidential nomination provides rich entertainment. This blogger can’t wait until Texas Governor Rick Perry and America’s Mayor (give me a break) Rudy Giuliani enter the fray.

The Democrats, however, could use their own primary fun. Vermont Senator and national treasure Bernie Sanders believes “it would be a good idea if President Obama faced some primary opposition.” I second that motion.

The 70-year-old Brooklyn-born Bernie would make an ideal protest candidate to shame Obama into acknowledging the job crisis facing the U.S. Bernie, however, wouldn’t last the distance.

A more substantial challenge to Obama could be mounted by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or former Vice President Al Gore running on an environment jobs platform.

A Clinton or Gore challenge would make us all forget about Mitt Romney and the rest of the GOP Presidential wannabes. It would also focus the nation on its No. 1 challenge.

When it comes to the need to create jobs, the president just doesn’t get it.