The silly season is upon us. It’s Town Hall time in the USA as the “spoiled children” Congress (according to a CNN poll) heads home to engage in verbal combat with their constituents.

The Wall Street Journal kicked off the fun today, providing valuable op-ed real estate to Rep. Private Ryan so he could resurrect his plan to repeal the healthcare law and replace it with his misnamed “The Path to Prosperity” program to kill Medicare and Medicaid.

Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks has thoughtfully prepared “Medicare Town Hall Talking Points” for Tea Partiers to talk up the merits of Ryan’s voucher program. Good news. The dead grannies are back in vogue. FreedomWorks warns that the 15 unelected bureaucrats overseeing ObamaCare are going to ration healthcare, slash payments to doctors and force seniors to search high and low for a physician. What’s the ultimate result? You get the picture. Once ObamaCare kicks in, there will be one less table setting at the holiday table.

August is a swell time for Environmental Protection Agency chief Lisa Jackson to take a month-long vacation. The EPA is No. 2 on FreedomWorks' “hit list.” The EPA’s impending regulatory “Train Wreck,” FreedomWorks claims, is going to “spike energy costs and devastate America’s economic recovery.” Churches will be forced to close. Cement plants will shutter. Drywall costs are going to skyrocket with EPA’s move to re-define coal ash as a hazardous material.

Santa’s sleigh will be burdened with federal pooper scooper mandates. And so on.

Congress goes home with an all-time low 14 percent approval rating, according to the CNN poll conducted by ORC International on August 1. Sixty-eight percent of the 860 people polled disapproved of the way Republican leadership handled the debt ceiling debate. Democrats got a 63 percent disapproval score.

Seventy-seven percent of respondents said elected officials acted like spoiled children during the debt ceiling ordeal. A mere seventeen percent believe they acted like responsible adults. Who is going to show up at the Town Hall meetings? Will it be the spoiled children or responsible adult respondents?

That’s a no-brainer. A lively time is promised.