Today’s White House “daily snapshot” features a picture of President Obama sitting at a table at the Good Stuff Eatery with his debt ceiling negotiation team.

It’s supposed to be a celebration. The president treated staffers to lunch for their round-the-clock effort to cut a deal with the Republicans. The caption reads “Burgers with Obama,” which begs the question: “Where’s the Beef?” The picture was snapped either before or after lunch.

The White House missed a golden opportunity. It should have shown the president chowing down on Good Stuff’s signature “Prez. Obama Burger,” which has bacon, onion marmalade roquefort cheese and horseradish mayo sauce. What better way to humanize the president? USA Today reports there was a burger, fries and salad placed before the president. An extra plate of fries was on the table. Did Obama tackle the food?

Last month, First Lady Michelle Obama ordered a burger, fries, chocolate shake and diet coke at the new Shake Shack in D.C. It was a feast of more than 1,700 calories, according to the Washington Post. As leader of the “Let’s Move” campaign against child obesity, she drew some criticism. The First Lady survived that mini-tempest.

Another daily snapshot puzzler: Don’t you think the teen-ager sitting less than 15 feet from the President should be a little excited about being in his presence. It’s not every day that the leader of the free world swings by for a bit of lunch at your favorite hamburger joint.
The girl is texting away as if she even hasn’t noticed Obama.

As the father of two teen-aged girls, this blogger understands the power that texting has over young people, but give me a break.

One saving grace for Team Obama, she appears to be under the legal voting age.