Gallup today reports that Texas Governor Rick Perry, who is about to throw his cowboy hat into the Republican Presidential race, scores the highest “intensity” rating among GOP and independent voters.

The Tea Party and born-again Christian favorite aces GOP front-runner Mitt Romney, who ranks dead-center in intensity among the 11 rated candidates. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are at the bottom of the pack. Cain, Rudy and Bachmann trail Rick.

Democrats salivate at the prospect of hard-core right Perry running for the presidency of a country that he once suggested that Texas secede from. Some scoff that he’s a less-intelligent version of George Bush, while others note that his Lone Star State economic miracle is much less than what meets the eye.

They miss the point. The Guardian profiles Perry, the longest-serving Governor of Texas, as a “serial election winner” and lucky to boot. How’s this for Perry magic? He successfully fended off a primary challenge from popular Republican Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson by saying her ability to direct federal funds to Texas was a sign of her screwing U.S. taxpayers. It worked. Perry also has close ties to Bush’s brain, Karl Rove. That, of course, cuts both ways.

While Perry is a serial winner, President Obama is a serial cave-in artist. Gallup would find Obama’s intensity support level in the neighborhood of Newt and Rick. Where’s the president’s constituency these days? It went underground. It's battered, bruised and hopping mad at the man who promised change. Unfortunately, it turned out to be change for the worst.

Word of advice to those who mock a Perry candidacy: Be careful for what you wish for.