DukanDiet.comDiet Coaching Inc., the U.S. and Canadian entity, that promotes the Dukan diet’s personalized online coaching service and runs the www.dukandiet.com website is looking to a PR firm. There’s also an e-commerce portal to buy products for the Dukan diet and another one for oat bran, the diet’s cornerstone.

The high protein and low fat diet created by Dr. Pierre Dukan more than 35 years ago is the No. 1 diet in France and was rolled into the U.S. in April with the publication of “The Dukan Diet,” the book rose to the top of the New York Times’ best-seller list.

The March 16 NYT noted that the Dukan diet has “become so central to French culture that almost any public figure who has lost a lot of weight is labeled by the media as a Dukanniste.” The British press reported the Carole Middleton used the Dukan diet to slim down before the royal wedding of her daughter Kate and Prince William.

DCI’s RFP notes that the U.S. diet industry “is highly competitive—an as a new entry we are to the marketplace we need to become a household name. We also need to continually work to overcome the comparisons to Atkins.” The NYT headline read “Warmed-Over Atkins? Don’t Tell the French.”

DCI is looking for press release development/distribution, media relations, marketing/event support, social media, word-of-mouth and outreach to both the medical establishment and Fortune 500 companies to offer Dukan packages to workers.

Dianna Antlocer, DCI’s head of integrated marketing, is fielding inquires at [email protected] and 646/545-5250 ex. 300.

The deadline for RFP responses is Sept. 9 and presentations are set for Sept. 28-30.

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