The Food and Drug Administration has kicked off an agency search to support PR for its burgeoning tobacco oversight authority.

The work includes planning, development and production of communications campaigns (PR and public service advertising) for the FDA Center for Tobacco Products, created under federal law in 2009 which gave the FDA regulatory power over tobacco. The efforts will be two-pronged: prevent use among young people, and encourage users to quit.

Social media, website support, corporate outreach and events are also part of the expected plans.

The FDA, which says tobacco causes more than 400,000 deaths a year in the U.S., will tap firms to handle projects on an as-needed basis over the next five years. Ceiling for the contract is pegged at $390M.

“The Center’s goal is to use the best available science to develop and put into action effective public health strategies to reduce the enormous toll of illness and death caused by tobacco products,” reads an RFP released Sept. 27.

View the RFP documents (external link).