Seattle's Gogerty Marriott represents Amanda Knox, the 24-year-old American who was acquitted of murder today in an Italian appeals court, ending a legal case that captivated global tabloid media.

Knox and her boyfriend were convicted four years ago of killing her British roommate in Italy, Meredith Kercher, during a drug-induced sex game gone very bad.

Lyle Kercher, Meredith's brother, said prior to the verdict today that a "large PR machine" has obscured the fact of the murder. GM has positioned Knox as an "innocent victim" trapped in an outdated legal system.

Family lawyer Francesco Maresa said the "whole world has forgotten about Meredith, "whose half-naked body was found with more than 40 gashes and bruises."

Prosecutors have told jurors to ignore the "obsessive" media campaign on Knox's behalf that has been funded by her family.

Curt Knox, Amanda's father, agrees the jury should focus on the facts at hand, but says prosecutors used the media to their own advantage during the first trial.

Reuters says the pro-Knox push costs more than $1M.