Edelman and its razor marketer client Schick are trying to create an online meme in the vein of viral hits like "planking," "stocking" and "owling" by encouraging the camera-wielding public to shoot photos of razors in comical settings.

Schick, part of Energizer Holdings, and the PR firm kicked off the campaign via Buzzfeed with a contest through Oct. 13 dubbed "Shave the World," which asks people to frame photos holding razors that appear to be, for example, painting road lines or shaving a co-worker. The practice has been dubbed razorbombing, a name drawing on the "photobomb" phenomenon of unintended subjects showing up in photos.

The razorbomb push is aimed to be a “bottom-up campaign” that involves consumers in the creative process, according to Edelman Digital senior VP Andrew Foote.

Here are a few examples: