Podesta Group has assigned a $100K a-month contract inked with Serbia in May to Roberti White, according to Justice Dept. records.

The initial pact inked by Tony Podesta called for the firm to develop “beneficial and efficient political and economic relations” between Serbia and the U.S.

The well-connected Democrat agreed to enhance diplomatic relations, increase investments and trade between the two nations.
RW, “hereby assumes and covenants to perform” all obligation of Podesta and guarantees to hold it “harmless from any claim or demand made thereunder.”

The firm’s services will include “consulting and counseling (lobbying) directed at facilitation of strategic goals of the Republic of Serbia,” according to its filing.

A call to Podesta’s office about the Serbia assignment was referred to Missi Tessier, who heads its strategic communications unit. She has not yet been reached.

The Podesta contract with Serbia was not filed with the Justice Dept. It’s an attachment to the RW filing of Sept. 23.