As the political world breathlessly waits for Sarah Palin’s Republican presidential endorsement, Air New Zealand can't wait for any grand pronouncement from Alaska’s half-term governor. Sarah may be a future presidential “kingmaker” or “queenmaker.”

[Michele Bachmann received the endorsement of Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton, after last night’s spectacle in the desert. God, save us.]

palinAir New Zealand, however, has already conducted its own coronation, crowning Palin as a top cuddle-buddy. Congratulations, Sarah!

In celebration of the launch of its Skycouch service, Air Kiwi conducted a poll to find out which celebrities passengers would like to cuddle with during a long-haul flight. Jennifer Aniston took top honors, cited by 47 percent of men polled. She was followed by Megan Fox (37 percent) and Angelina Jolie (32 percent).

Palin, the only politico on the list, ranked No. 4 at 26 percent. Only seven percent of surveyed females picked Sarah, proving once again that women are much smarter than men. Palin tied with Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, and Mila Kunis, who was the top choice of women with 27 percent. [Johnny Depp, George Clooney and Brad Pitt were the top men that women selected as cuddle partners. Hugh Hefner, Kobe Bryant and Arnold Schwarzenegger ranked on the bottom.]

In a measure of sweet revenge, Palin nosed out her tormentor/impersonator Tina Fey, who clocked in at 24 percent. She crushed Lady Ga Ga, Rihanna, Kristen Stewart, Christina Hendricks, Emma Stone and Blake Lively. Men think Oprah, the political polar opposite of Palin, is the least cuddly celeb. Only eight percent of them would like a chance to snuggle with the media baroness.

Like senility, Palin’s cuddle factor advances with age. Only two percent of men and women aged 18-to-24 want to cuddle with her, compared to 31 percent of those over the age of 55. On the educational front, Sarah scores best with college grads with a 29 percent score and worst (16 percent) with those without a high school diploma. Fox (32 percent), Beyonce/Aniston (31 percent) are favorites among the least school educated. Fey, at six percent, is the loser in that category.

Palin scores highest among respondents living in households with a family income of $80,000-$99,999 (36 percent) and lowest in those homes with an income of less than $10,000 (six percent). Divorced and widowed are more apt to pick Sarah as cuddle buddy, while singles and gays are least likely.

Palin hasn’t ruled out a run for the president in 2016. In the interim, a spokesperson slot at Air New Zealand is a good option. Advice to Sarah: when the Air New Zealand gig kicks in, leave Todd home in Wasilla.

Thanks to my buddies at CRT/tanaka for sending over the Air New Zealand study.

For the record, I’d fly with Fey, though Aniston was a solid choice, guys. Just as she stole Sarah's thunder during the political campaign, I’d give Bachmann a good shot at knocking Sarah down a notch on the cuddle list.

It would be a battle of the titans.