The Partnership for America, which calls President Obama's health law "a great threat to our system of government," has hired Barbour Griffith & Rogers to work for its repeal.

The D.C. organization says the law will put control of one seventh of the nation's economy in the hands of federal bureaucrats and "for the first time mandating that Americans buy a product that they may not want." It is seeking to forge a coalition to lead the fight to "repeal and replace" the health law with a "realistic, consumer driven and market-based alternatives."

BGR president Bob Wood, chief of staff to ex-Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson, serves as legislative director of PfA.

Chairman Ed Rogers, a veteran of the Reagan White House, lobbies on PfA's behalf with BRG government affairs principal Jennifer Larkin Luawski, aide to former Congressman Bob Dornan and director of House relations at the Heritage Foundation.

BGR also handles energy issues for the PfA.