Karla Voth, VP of special events and programs at PR Society of America, whose main duty is running the annual conference of PRSA, got a 12% pay boost in 2010 to $152,279 as the Society showed its approval of her job performance.

Voth’s salary in 2009 was $135,746.

Total compensation to Voth was $182,890, including $24,542 in retirement and other deferred compensation and $6,069 in nontaxable benefits, according to the IRS Form 990 for 2010 filed by the Society.

Formerly the fifth highest paid staffer, she is now the third highest paid after COO Bill Murray, whose total compensation rose to $377,231 from $373,618, and CFO Phil Bonaventura, who took a 10% salary hit to $165,532 from $184,000. His total compensation was $204,101 (vs. $221,706 in 2009).

Arthur Yann, VP-PR, took a 5% cut to $130,000 from $137,687. Others taking cuts were John Robinson, VP-development, to $132,559 from $140,610, and Barbara McDonald, VP-marketing, from $126,554 to $121,571.

Newly listed in the pay report were Jeneen Garcia, VP-PRSSA and academic affairs, $106,316, and Melissa Yahre, VP-membership services, $105,500.

Dropping from the list was Jennifer Ian, former VP-membership services, who was paid $121,739 in 2009 and who left the Society.

PRSA's Assembly approved a $30 dues increase last month.

Form is in “Premium” Part of GuideStar

The 990, for the first time, is in the “Premium” part of GuideStar.org and costs $125 for a one-time use. GuideStar is only open to those with a user name and password.

The Society’s 2010 Form 990 is not on Foundation Center 990 Finder. Latest report there is for 2009.

PRS in 2009 and 2010 had provided this website with a printed copy of the 990 after the Assembly. However, no such copy was provided this year.

E-mails to Yann about the 990 have been ignored.