Though not as wealthy as the satirical “Billionaires for Bush” group, the Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength threatens a march on D.C. in the event that the so-called Congressional super committee fails to repeal the tax rate on millionaires to the 39.6 percent rate. That demonstration would be a grand PR spectacle.

A delegation of the 200 member patriotic millionaire group made the rounds of Congress on Nov. 16 and threatened a PR campaign of speeches, media appearances, issue advertising, petitions and a march on the Capitol if the Bush tax breaks that were supposed to have expired last year aren't restored.

Shamefully endorsed by President Obama, the extension “permanently underfunded our government” and led to the credit rating downgrade, according to a press statement from the patriotic rich guys.

The organization of swells is a big supporter of the private sector, but notes that companies work for “profit and their shareholders.”

Starving Uncle Sam of revenues has led to massive government layoffs throughout the country.

The group notes that a society of 308M people needs “employees who work for the country – people whose job it is to ensure the effective functioning of our society – people who inspect the food we eat to make sure it’s safe, people who land planes, pave roads, build or rebuild bridges so they don’t collapse at rush hour, people who teach our children, put out our fires, people who get in boats to rescue fellow citizens from rooftops when category 5 hurricanes rip their community apart.”

The group believes since some of its members “made a lot of money using a functioning society – its roads and bridges, its legal system, its patent system, loans from the Small Business Association, people educated at universities, using science research from public institutions – because we made a lot of money from our society – more money from using these functions, we should invest more in maintaining it.”

There are 400,000 incomes in America over $1M. Those incomes represent 0.1 percent of the population. The group believes fellow 0.1 percenters would be affected by a tax hike “as much as a dead fly interrupts a picnic.”

The Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength is one savvy PR organization. If necessary, bring on the march! The Billionaires for Bush should regroup and join the fun.