The Frankin Partnership has inked a $15K a month one-year pact to represent Libya El Hurra Foundation and its programs to promote good governance, increased transparency and regional governmental accountability in the post-Col. Gadaffi country.

El Hurra was founded by Hassan Tatanaki, a philanthropist and chairman of oil drilling contract company Challenger Ltd. in the first week following the demonstrations against Gaddafi’s government. Challenger drills for energy giants such as Marathon Oil and France’s Total.

According to the Foundation’s “proposed civics responsibility list,” it will assist in “development and implementation of a national reconciliation initiative” and help establish “a common platform for advocacy based on a proposed future constitution.”

The non-profit will foster the education and empowerment of women to equip them with “understanding and skills sets” needed to engage politically and increase their economic independence.

The Foundation also is proposing a “picking up the pieces project” that focuses on community beautification projects (street cleaning and curb repair) and the reconstruction of police stations and post offices.

TFP managing partner Omar Nashashibi, a former staffer at the Office of Management and Budget and House Ways and Means Committee, is to update D.C. policymakers about the Foundation’s progress regarding humanitarian support, civil works projects and infrastructure development.

TFP has agreed to postpone $5K of its monthly retainer until a mutually agreed mutual time, but no later than the Sept. 30, 2012 contract termination date.