El Paso, sister city of Mexico’s Ciudad Juarez which is plagued by drug-related violence, wants a PR firm to bolster its image.

The city’s RFP, according to a report on the El Paso Inc. site, says the “negative focus given to the issues plaguing Ciudad Juarez” affects the region’s “ability to recruit talent, attract visitors and causes anxiety.”

The branding campaign will build on El Paso’s high safety ratings by CQ Press for cities of more than 500K people. Earlier this month, Newsweek gave El Paso its top ranking on a list of “can-do capitals” for progress based on the “quality-of-life” front.

According to the RFP, the city wants a PR firm to work with travel writers “with the aim of providing a positive, organic experience in their visits to El Paso.” It wants to “explore the non-traditional off-the-beaten path activity” available in the area.

The budget has not been determined. RFP is available from the city's procurement portal. Deadline is Dec. 7.