“I can’t make this stuff up,” said Ginger White today on “Good Morning America” in talking about her casual 13-year “on and off” affair with soon-to-be-former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.

She effectively put the final dagger in the pizza magnate's White House dream. White came across as cool, calm, and credible. She has a golden future in PR for any firm savvy enough to sign her up.

White’s strong media performance stands in sharp contrast to Herm, who clownishly accuses White of “trying to derail the Cain Train” via a smear tactics. Question for Cain: What about those more than 60 phone, text messages that you sent to Ginger up to Nov. 8? The train already jumped the tracks.

It’s only a matter of time (moments?) before the former chief lobbyist of the National Restaurant Assn., which is suffering collateral PR damage from this entire mess, takes up the advice of his good friend Michael Steele. The former Republican National Committee chief told Cain: “It's not just about the presidential campaign anymore. It's about your wife and your family and your own credibility, and your opportunities and options beyond this moment.” Steele has assumed a new role of political statesman. That’s another PR redemption story

Cain’s relationship with White coupled with other sexual harassment charges has sucked all the media air from the GOP race. For instance, whatever happened to his 9-9-9 plan? It's dead, dead, dead. What’s up with my favorite, Ron Paul? Move over, Newt. Texas Congressman Paul, who has zero chance of gaining the nomination, is the real big “thinker” in the race.

Steve Schmidt, former campaign manager for John McCain, calls Cain’s campaign a circus. The MSNBC special correspondent predicted last night that within a year Cain will be a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars.” That seems like a good bet.

Herm should get out of the GOP race so his rivals can slug it in preparation for the big showdown with president Obama.

They'll need all the prep time they can get.