The PR genius of Occupy Wall Street took center stage last night when composer Philip Glass joined Occupy Lincoln Center outside the performance space -- sponsored by the right-wing Koch Brothers and Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s media combine -- after curtain calls for his 1980 opera “Satyagraha,” which is based on the life of Mahatma Gandhi, a member of the Protester Hall of Fame.

Philip Glass at Occupy Lincoln Center. Image via YouTube
After asking for a mic check, Glass recited three times a stanza of his opera about the need to thrust back evil to set “virtue on her seat again.” Glass even won applause from curious opera patron onlookers, many of whom are members in goods standing of the one percent crowd that OWS rails against. It was a powerful PR performance.

More creativity is in store later today when Occupy Broadway kicks off a 24-hour “performance occupation” on the Great White Way. More than 70 acts are promised at a still unnamed location. Supporters are to meet at Times Square at 46th and 47th St at 6 p.m. and then march to the secret location. OWS prefers not to tip off the cops about where the big show is going to be held.

Washington, D.C., is the known location for next week’s fun and games. OWS and aligned unions plan a bus caravan to the Mall, where protesters will stage Occupy Congress. Here’s a heads-up for my PA and lobbying friends in D.C. OWS abhors you as much as it does bankers. A “Take Back the Capitol” email pitch received today from says: “The problem in Washington is that too many members of Congress listen to corporate lobbyists from K Street and their campaign contributions instead of the 99%. Now the 99% are coming to the corridors of power to make our presence felt.” Forewarned is forearmed, my friends.

Police across the U.S. this week cleared out OWS encampments that sprung up in the aftermath of Sept. 17 occupation of Zuccotti Park/Liberty Plaza. The camps may be gone, but the cops can’t stifle the elegant and simple OWS PR message that one percent of America controls more than 40 percent of its wealth. That OWS mantra fact is now widely known among the 99 percent. That’s the PR bottom line for OWS. As George W. Bush used to put it: Mission Accomplished.

After winter hibernation, my bet is the OWS will re-emerge next spring as vital as ever. 2012 is an important election year. Republicans and Democrats better take heed of OWS because the majority of Americans support its belief that banks and corporations have become way too powerful and must be reeled-in. Congressional politicos and even the Commander-in-Chief ignore OWS at their own peril.