Qorvis Communications has scooped up a $40K a month pact from Fiji to promote business and investment in that Pacific state. The contract is for a year.

Fijiís government, which was installed following a military coup in 2006, has just announced an economic plan that reduces/drops taxes for 99 percent of taxpayers and eases rules for foreign investors. It promises elections in 2014 in a move back to parliamentary democracy.

The government, which is not recognized by the U.S., has been criticized by its neighbors for cracking down on human and labor rights. A labor delegation led by Australia and New Zealand will visit Fiji next week to investigate matters.

Fiji, on Dec. 6, distributed -- via PR Newswire -- news of a report by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute that criticized Australiaís effort to isolate Fiji, both politically and economically. The report found that Fiji is advancing by forging fresh partnerships with China and other Asian nations.

The Australian government funded that think tank report.

The Qorvis contract gives the firm the right to use Fijiís name in marketing materials, press releases and on its website.