Joe Trippi & Assocs. has a $30K a-month retainer from the Kingdom of Bahrain to provide counsel on social/political reforms with regard to the implementation of recommendations of the independent commission of inquiry that was established following the February/March rioting.

That civil uprising was put to rest via assistance from Saudi Arabiaís military.

The commission released its report last month. It found that excessive force was used against the protesters and urged the government to review the convictions of hundreds of those jailed.

The Kingdom has promised to comply with Commissionís recommendations that are line with best international practices and standards, according to a Dec. 20 report in the Bahrain News Agency.

Trippi is a Democratic political operative who worked for Howard Deanís presidential bid and Jerry Brownís successful race for California governor.

He has earmarked $15K of the Bahrain retainer to subcontractor Sanitas International for outreach to media and non-governmental organizations.

Qorvis Communications handles the bulk of Bahrainís PR in the U.S. The D.C. shop received $240K from Bahrain during the six-months ended Oct. 31 period.

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